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How To Stop Sciatic Nerve Pain When Driving

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Sleep Without Back Pain & Sciatica

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Relieve Back Pain Standing and Walking

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    Here's What Other People Are Saying

    I just finished an eight week virtual class called Relieve Sciatica Pain with Dr. Dave Candy. The class was excellent with extensive course work and detailed videos with exercises that covered every aspect of how to deal with back pain. The course was especially helpful on how to do approach daily tasks such as standing from a sitting position, getting into and out of your car, and, finding a comfortable sleeping position. Each week Dr. Candy presented an informative lecture with slides and demonstrated many of the concepts he discussed. What really made Dr. Candy's class stand out was his willingness to answer any question, and, every answer was complete and thorough.

    - Helene

    I came to see Dr. Candy due to some sciatic pain caused from an 8 year old foot injury. I had to give up running due to having so much pain and injuries stemming from the initial injury. Dr. Candy helped me feel and understand how my body should be moving to prevent further injury and give me relief from sciatica. After a couple weeks, I no longer wake up in the morning wrenching from pain, and can actually have a successful start to my day!

    - Mara

    I have been dealing with sciatica for over 15 years. Over this time I tried Injections, physical therapy and chiropractic, but the thing that finally worked was running. Sadly that ended after I broke my foot. I tried physical therapy, yoga and internet exercises, these worked somewhat, but the more active I became the more pain I experienced I was not sure if I would pursue treatment with Dr. Dave Candy, but after my consult visit I decided I would give it a try. Dr. Candy got to the root of my problems and helped me learn the proper way to correct them. He always listened and found ways to help me. I also learned that these entire problems were related to poor posture. I highly recommend Dr. Candy. Thanks so much!

    - Mary

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